Vision 42

how to finally free 42nd street

Competition: 2014

THE NEW LIGHT RAIL PATH, creates a Linear ground plane, car free river to river WITH A FULLY PEDESTRIAN CENTER.

the ELIMINATION OF THE AUTOMOBILE WILL transform 42nd street. the most iconic street in the world, into city front, a global Pedestrian destination.

the automobile free linear ground plane Connected by light rail, stretches river to river;

The result is a continuous path of events and public spaces between two active waterfrontS, transportation and recreation hubs, OFFERING EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO live/work, NATURE AND BUILDINGS, NEW YORKERS AND TOURISM, ART AND COMMERCE.

THE LIGHT RAIL linear  corridor and THE HYBRID, MULTI-FUNCTION GROUND PLANE, Draw from the already DIFFERENT existing areas of activity ALONG THE STREET FABRIC, creatIng the City Front.

an exception to the linear light rail corridor IS the plaza located between sixth avenue and lexington Avenue ,completely dedicated to pedestrian activity, flexible and always available for all kinds of social interaction.

this takes full advantage of the already existing shuttle tunnel, by running the light rail train underground. The light rail cars will service the existing shuttle route, with expanded service

The new, centrally located,  city front center, flanked by major towers, connects landmark  sites such as the Chrysler building, Grand Central station, the public library and Bryant park.

This area captures the activity of grand central, one of the greatest transportation hubs in the world, but also offers serene, open,  natural spaces  filled with light, air and water, suitable for leisurely and quiet recreation.

the plaza complements the times square bow-tie, alleviating the crowding within the bottleneck.

.The city front pier on the hudson river waterfront, is a commercial destination accessed by the pedestrian bridge from the light rail station. The city front pier is the west side anchor of the corridor.

The city front circle park on the east river waterfront is a public destination accessed by a boardwalk from the lightrail station.

sloping upwards towards the east river, the boardwalk Meets the circle park, outdoor cinema and promeande plaza.

The circle park includes a public pool and a circular deck for viewing east river landmarks and recreational activities.  the promenade utilizes theformer fdr drive 42nd street off ramp.

 The light rail stations located along the City front corridor mark the path at frequent intervals, providing service to all public amenities on a regular schedule.The modular stations, whose imagery recalls horizontal sktscrapers as well as trains,  contains information kiosks, cafes, pop-up stores, tech stations and rest areas, the green rooftops serve as viewing decks.

 an other of the key elements of the city front concept is reflecting sunlight and absorbing less heat, where density is maximum, where a network of water features animates the corridor.

 A lighting network,  located on a grid along the city front corridor,allows for the opportunity to change ambiance for special events and daily functions and manage the flow of the pedestrians. the network also provides anchors for temporary Structures.