How to share the table(s)

Tribeca, New York City   2,000 SF




The studio is  a representation of the way we work, the open space is characterized only by non-prescriptive tables of various sizes, mostly custom designed. The loose organization of the landscape furniture, whose use often creatively changes several times during the course of the day, clearly illustrate the collaborative process, which includes all who work at or visit the studio. it is fun to see that clients typically gravitate towards the right table for their meeting, if not, they give a clear signal to us about the meeting they expect to have! Sometimes, if the nature of the meeting changes, the group moves spontaneously to the next appropriate table.

The various "tables", include the main conference table , which is centrally located and technologically equipped, the 30’ long custom table ( based on the French communal dining table model), the informal meeting table for four, the vintage Plattner lunch table which is also often used for private meetings or as a homework desk.  Finally the  “private” partners’ tables, remotely located,  take the place of individual offices. A large number of assorted chairs allows anybody to easily work with the others, transforming a single station to a collaborative one.

The comfortable aura, the luminous, enthusiastic, layered space, the dynamic power of color and the “lightness of  order” of their studio is typical of both of TRA’s interiors and of Robert Traboscia’s paintings, which are routinely exhibited as in a true artist’s loft. The minimalist furniture is made out of Trespa, a recycled material widely used for exterior vertical siding, a trademark of TRA’s interiors. The stark industrial yet refined finishes, together with Robert Traboscia’s paintings and TRA’s models and renderings displayed on the 12’  tall walls, describe the TRA’s aesthetic.

“ Roiatti and Traboscia’s loft is a seamless fusion of life and work”

”both precise eclectic modern and warm, it is clear that Roiatti and Traboscia’s style has been honed to perfection after 

years together on the job and at home” “The TRA office,…, has many similar design elements” 

Design Bureau Magazine, A colorful life, by Nalina Moses, January February 2012