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61st Street Townhouse


Townhouses with Tunnels becoming fashionable

61st Street Townhouse, designed by TRA Studio

As TRA's 61st Street Townhouse construction continues, the New York Post reported that Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes purchased a West Village townhouse with a subterranean tunnel.

61st Street Townhouse street facade

While uncommon, it is not impossible to find townhouses in New York City that have coach house in the rear yard. These small structures are often hidden from the street, surrounded by the buildings that have popped up over the last century.

Proposed facade of the existing coach house at 61st Street Townhouse

It can be a design challenge to utilize these historic spaces, while also complying with modern building and fire codes. By building a cellar tunnel at the 61st Street project, the design was able to retain the courtyard, while connecting the two structures. 

View of the courtyard an townhouse rear facade at 61st Street Townhouse

As property values climb in NYC, designers will continue to find ways to make every square foot count.