ever day we are expanding our role. our versatile practice spans the disciplines of programming, planning, development, new construction, reuse, preservation, interior design, art, branding and expediting.  our process is proactive and cohesive, true to the Italian tradition of “design is one". hands on involvement in All phases by the principals ensures quality control from start to finish.

New Construction

We are experienced in new construction in diversified contexts, from fringe areas to historic districts. From Harlem to Soho, the Flatiron and Chelsea, our various mixed-use building projects demonstrate that we are committed to designing structures that are integral to the context and contribute to the public realm.


We believe very strongly in the notion that buildings must adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of society. The success of our numerous renovation projects reflects our ability to obtain approval for difficult alterations and challenging, contemporary additions to historic structures. We partner with the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to negotiate solutions integral to the context. Completion of these projects often relies on public consensus and review, a process in which we have extensive experience.

PRESERVATION & storefronts/ Local law 10

We have comprehensive hands-on experience in conserving all aspects of diverse historic structures. We believe that there is abundant value in the process of restoration, whether the conservation concerns the whole or a piece of a project. We are experts in the most advanced conservation techniques and have extensive experience in sensibly integrating new infrastructural systems necessary for present day standards.

We have also designed numerous storefronts in the Historic Districts of SoHo and Tribeca, a process requiring mindful solutions which complement the context


Residential Interiors

Fulfilling the modernist promise of integration between interior and exterior, we always design the space as a whole, from the window wall, to lighting and furniture, to the selection of art. Our residential interiors span from townhouses to single residences and entire condominium projects. All of the interiors share the same philosophy: create spaces where the restrained sophistication and comfortable aura enhances the pleasures of living, spaces where people want to live in.


TRA studio builds timeless spaces that last, both through design aesthetics and quality of execution. Our work includes corporate and educational interiors, high end residential and retail. The series of showrooms, department stores and boutiques we have delivered have created successful brands for our clients. In contrast, we have provided long-term service to historic NYC hotels, ranging in size, up to 150,000 SF.

workplace & lobbies

Our workplace interiors and lobbies are as meticulously curated as our bespoke residential interiors, exceeding the expectations of our clients.


We work closely with our Institutional clients, dedicated helping to foster their growth. We have prepared Master Plans for several institutions, always integrating the built and natural environment. Helping to tactfully phase the work we look to address the vision of our clients for the immediate as well as future needs.


TRA studio is experienced in designing signage programs, even on landmarked structures. We see branding as an integral part of the design and prepare the marketing materials for our projects


The studio benefits from Robert Traboscia’s extensive experience in construction and our successful completed work, on time and within budget, demonstrates our specialized project management skills. Early in the design process, we take the role of orchestrator, ":between", (as in the root of our name TRA),  the owner, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors,  and often prepare shop-drawings in a shared collaborative process. We continuously evaluate alternative cost-effective solutions, shifting in and out from design to construction. We  believe that design never ends through construction administration and post construction.

In 2018 TRA studio has been named one of the best Design-Build Firms in NYC by NYC Architects



TRA studio has been instrumental in negotiating between stakeholders, often making the project possible. The zoning experience and in-house coordination with the agencies allows us to promptly investigate feasibility opportunities. The studio's work is seamlessly integrated by the support of TRA's zoning and expediting group during construction, offering results in accelerated construction schedules.TRA studio Inc, is also an accredited Special Inspection Agency and accredited with the NYC Fire Department.