Grand Concourse

HOW TO Transform a major road into public realm

Location: Bronx, NY    Competition: 2009


The PARKWALK maintains the Grand Concourse’s linear design, integrating the built environment and nature. Circulation augmented by public space creates a new fabricated topography and cultural experience. The bending and rolling elevated sidewalks celebrate the grandeur of the concourse and frame vistas revealing its true potential. The PARKWALK project revitalizes its neighborhoods with community gardens, public spaces, linear parks and potential for sustainability and sharing of its diverse culture. 

• Respect the linear quality of the original design.
• Enhance the connections to the Bronx parks.
• Improve pedestrian and vehicular circulation.
• Augment public realm and cultural experience.
• Enlarge the content by including more of the surrounding public areas.
• Create integrated complexity to promote neighborhood diversity.
• Improve inherent vistas.
• Include potential for sustainability.

• Confine vehicular circulation to six traffic lanes.
• Gently wind traffic lanes leaving open space that responds to each       neighborhood.
• Have walkways transverse roadways and open areas.
• Create accessory spaces with walkway architecture.
• Create usable space to stimulate neighborhoods.
• Insulate the traffic lanes and connect neighborhoods and parks.
• Limit parking to side streets and pools.
• Sculpt community gardens, parks and flexible space.
• Bring green space into the building courtyards.
                                                                                                                            • Increase the mass of the commercial corridor by covering the lowered                                                                                                                               traffic lanes.