ONE TWELVE, East Harlem, NYC

how to make micro-units feel more like micro-lofts

336 East 112th Street, Harlem, NYC        Size: 26,000 SF        Type: New 7 Storey Mid-Rise High Density Residential Building and Interiors

336 East 112th Street_TRA Studio_Architecture_Design_Harlem_NYC




The building started as a modular mid-rise, but the building size quickly demonstrated that conventional construction was more cost effective. The design decisions that informed the modular project also shape the current design. On the 112th street side, the building is integral to the context, with its weighty articulated skin, thicker on the first floor. The frames defining the apartment units shift back and forth and the glass strips alternate with the slate tone panels, reflecting the light in a varied way. The balance between solid and void is suggested by the use of the space behind, giving more privacy to the bedrooms and by the desire to achieve the tightest possible envelope. The project started as passive house and although budget restraints made achieving certification difficult, the design employs low-energy strategies.

The garden South facade is more transparent, since the long balconies offer full shading during the summer.

The ground floor benefits from a longitudinal lobby that connect the street to the common recreation space.

Like TRA's past projects downtown, this project addresses the best utilization of infill sites. The small but significant interventions strategically contribute, like the stimulation points on a meridian channel network, to the revitalization of still emerging neighborhoods. 


In Progress


YIMBY: Seven-storey, 27 Unit Residential Building Filed at 336 East 112th Street, East Harlem, September 22, 2015 by Reid Wilson